move to think. move to explore. move to express. move to ask. move to discover. move to undo. move to process through.

Alyssa has been a dance student since she can remember.

The purpose of dance in their life is transforming daily.

Nowadays, Alyssa is less interested in practicing western techniques and more interested in finding her own body-voice, collaborating on interdisciplinary projects, and everyday improvisation as a personal practice.

Alyssa is currently working on a collaborative performance project called State of Which Dance, directed by Krista Kaye, which premiers in August 2019.

She is also a work-study student with San Diego Dance Theater, and will perform in the annual Trolley Dances in the fall.

I am interested in neurodivergence, mixed cultural identites, dance as a way to process memory and emotion, task based choreography, topological composition of bodies in space, research-based creating, somatic practices, fingertips, bodies spilling on the floor, poetry inside the body, site specific explorations, collaborative creative spaces, and community health and support through dance spaces.

move thru

site specific response and reflection

In her choreographic work, Alyssa is highly research based, and usually begins her projects with a question (or batch of questions). She is currently developing her own movement language, which can be described as amorphous, impulsive, and rooted in isolation and texture. Though her expression continually finds its way toward loudness, she is inspired by the tiny moments, tiny feelings, and tiny dances within each individual. Through her work, Alyssa hopes to challenge dominant narratives of love and emotional wellbeing. She intends to hold inclusive spaces and create work that invites the audience into the space.

Choreographic Works

This work is a self-exploration of the inner workings of neuro-a-typical cognition. The dance exists inside the ADHD mind between the moment one forgets and remembers a word. Idealand, impulsive conciousness, brainstorm.

Featured in Random With A Purpose XXVI: Multiverse on the University of California, Santa Cruz Mainstage Theater. Choreographed by Alyssa Rose Soderberg. Original sound score by Ben Barsocchini. Lighting/Media Design in collaboration with Spencer Doughtie. Danced by Raven Arnold, Sabrina Baños, Kat Brault, Juan Chavez, Laurel Levin, Makenna Pearlman Bantillo, Megan Schneider, Deneka Siu, and Leilani Westman.

This piece explores the process of processing. How do we navigate the affects of our personal histories? How can we relearn how to act and react in heavy situations in our present lives? 

Featured in Random With A Purpose XXV: Rooted on the University of California, Santa Cruz, Secondstage Theater. Choreographed by Alyssa Rose Soderberg. Original sound score by Joe Krempetz. Danced by Annalise Constantz, Nico Lester, Sabrina Mahoney, Makenna Pearlman Bantillo, Eden Rubel, Megan Schneider, Mia Shlakman Deneka Siu, and Addie Smith.

A collective movement piece researching the possibilities of a 10-way choreographic collaboration.

Choreographed and performed by Kat Brault, Annalise Constantz, Sabrina Mahoney, Chloe Rosen, Megan Schneider, Mia Shlakman, Deneka Siu, Addie Smith, Alyssa Rose Soderberg, and Juan Villanueva. Original Music by Ben Barsocchini. Organized by Alyssa Rose Soderberg

Performed at Max10 Lab at Motion Pacific in Santa Cruz, CA. Restaged and filmed by Samath Keo at UCSC Glenn Theater.

A piece investigating accomodation. Performed at Art Moves - Art Walk San Diego by A'lona Carter, Mario Jaimes, and Hannah Pritchett. Original Music by Stefan Frazier.