Alyssa Rose Soderberg is a 23 year old research-based multimedia artist. She designs both visually and viscerally, with an affinity for color and profound inquiry. She graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2018 with a B.A. in Pure Mathematics and a minor in Dance. Her mathematical eye and visual-spacial mapping is ever present in all of her creations. Alyssa currently lives in San Diego, California.

As a neuro-a-typical, in an accelerated era, Alyssa finds herself reflecting on compactness, complexity, and density. She invites many elements into her pieces, and then finds a way to fit and arrange them in confined spaces. Improvisation is at the center of her practice as both a movement and visual artist. Alyssa creates performance experiences, paintings, and multimedia collage. She continuously explores and experiments with new mediums and the coexistence of mediums inside a single piece. Alyssa also enjoys making short dance films, writing poetry, film photography, digging deep into nature, and doodling on anything she can.

Alyssa considers herself under construction as an artist, and is always open to discussion and collaboration.



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