I am open to commissions in the form of

  • mural

  • paintings/mixed media visual art

  • choreography and performance

  • personal item decor

    • glassware

    • shoes

    • totebags

    • other doodle-friendly personal items


Painting this mural was so fun. I love to paint on large surfaces! 10ft hallway.

I also recently created a 60”x 48” work for a blank white wall in a living room. I was asked to bump up the dimension of my work, which was a challenge. However, I found myself enjoying the relationship between the creative process and the future home of the piece.

Do not hesitate to contact me! I am open to all sorts of ideas :)

I am currently craving painting murals in spaces that need some light… hospitals, group homes, schools, pediatrician office, recovery institutions…


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Please let me know if you want a print of anything!

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